Ebola transmission precautions are strigent mesaures established for protection agianst the dangerous pathogen known as ebola.

The Ebola virus is broadcast via contact with an infected person through skin, bodily fluids, tissues and/or blood. The pathogen is not airborne which increases the usefulness of basic Ebola transmission precautions to prevent the spread of the illness.

5 Ebola Transmission Precautions

1. Avoidance

Avoid travel to any areas where the Ebola virus has been detected, especially in Africa where pandemics are becoming extensive. Any contact with patients, or the remains of patients, who have contracted the disease should additionally be evaded.

2. Protective Clothing

Protective clothing is one of the necessary Ebola transmission precautions, especially for carers or medical staff who are treating infected patients. Gloves, robes, facial masks as well as eye shields are critical as the end stages of the disease are aimed at spreading the pathogen as quick and far as feasible through bodily liquids.

3. Cleanliness

Regular washing with soap and hot water can minimize the danger of contracting Ebola. Hand rubs containing alcohol are also useful in junking the virus on the skin.

6. Food

Avoid eating any food that can have make contact with an infected person. A spread of local African meat, especially bush meat, shouldn't be eaten.

5. Disposal of Remains

The bodily remains of folk infected by Ebola are transmissive long after death has happened. Only fully trained teams should handle the disposal of remains of infected Ebola patients. Teams need to wear necessary protecting gear as well as use the correct hardware to dispose of remains. While cremation is commended, gear isn't necessarily available and burial of the remains is obligatory in a controlled way and in area that has been put aside for such remains.

There is as yet no vaccine which has been completely developed for the Ebola virus so following Ebola transmission precautions is vital in preventing the spread of the illness.

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